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Molkki: Virendra jumps in water to save Purvi turns lifesaver of Purvi (Upcoming Episode)

Molkki: Virendra jumps in water to save Purvi turns life saviour of Purvi

The latest story of Molkki starring actor Amar Upadhyay and Priyal Mahajan is going to see tragedy trapping Purvi.

Purvi is hurt for Priyu is pregnant and attempts to kill her baby to make the family free from the tension.

Purvi and her mother somehow save Purvi but the family can't get Priyu married because the elder sister Purvi is still unmarried.

Purvi agrees to get married soon and ultimately crushes her dreams.

Still Purvi feels heartbroken and comes to light diya in the pious river.

Purvi slips and falls in the water when Virendra also jumps in to save Purvi.

Destiny turns Virendra, the lifesaver of Purvi and soon they will get married.

However, will everything go as Purvi thought of?

Vipul to turn hurdle for Purvi 

Vipul's father wants dowry while Purvi wants to get married soon so that her sister also get married before the pregnancy gets exposed.

When Bheem and the family brings the marriage alliance for Purvi, 

Will Vipul accept this marriage?

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