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Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th October 2020 written update Virat-Sayi's cute fights (Tv Serial)

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 15th October 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Sayi gets infuriated at Virat while Mousi is praising him.

Here Shivani comes surprising everyone. After having two divorces, Shivani is going on a date with a 24-25 years old guy Abhik which infuriates Aayi.

Devyani comes asking for her marriage when Aayi gets angry but Samrat handles the situation telling Devi that soon she will get married when the right time will come.

Virat’s Aayi takes away Devi when Shivani tells Samrat about her date.

Pakhi is heartbroken and is still not ready to move on when her mum comes and comforts her.

Pakhi recalls all her moments with Virat and decides to question him of why he did this to her.

Here Virat gives VRS to Kamal and wants him to take the retirement but Kamal denies.

At last, Kamal agrees but right now he is going to Mumbai. Kamal takes the VRS and requests Virat to not tell Sayi about it as he will himself surprise Sayi after returning back.

Virat and Kamal have a happy moment while Virat agrees to Kamal when Kamal urges him to take care of Sayi in his absence.

Virat reaches Sayi’s house when Sayi is leaving for the college.

Virat and Sayi have a very cute fight as Sayi calls Virat gabbar while she refuses to go with Virat.

Later Sayi gets down from the jeep when Virat asks Sayi to not dare ask for her father’s retirement.

Sayi ends up sitting back when Virat smirks.

Jagtap gets to know about Kamal left for Mumbai.

Vittal confronts Jagtap and reminds him of the insult he brought because of Sayi.

Jagtap swears to bring back the pride he lost because of him.  

Virat drops Sayi in the college when Jagap and his men follow them.

Jagtap gets pissed off seeing Sayi with ACP Virat while Sayi’s friends go aww seeing Virat. Virat is welcomed in the college as a chief guest while here Samrat’s family arrives at Pakhi’s house.

Samrat and Pakhi's pre-wedding ritual

The Shakarpoda rasam begins when Shivani questions Neha if Pakhi is happy with the marriage.

Aayi gets angry when Pakhi stands up and tells she is marrying with her consent without any force.

The family gets scared if Aayi will reject Pakhi but Pakhi gets happy to see Pakhi’s attitude.

Shivani gets scolded when she taunts if Pakhi has an affair.

Jagtap here decides to kidnap Sayi when she will return home.

Pakhi and Samrat’s family congrats each other.


Pakhi’s family welcomes Virat when Virat and Pakhi both are shocked by seeing each other.

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