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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th October 2020 written update Vansh's big lie to Ridhima (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 15th October 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Anupriya burns Vansh's picture and vents out her anger on him.

Anupriya is heartbroken with how Vansh betrayed her when she gave so much motherly love to him instead of her own son, Kabir.

Anupriya swears to take revenge on him as he also snatched his son's job.

Here Dadi and Siya are having a little conversation when Vansh comes and cheers up Siya.

Siya asks Vansh to talk lovingly to Ridhima and not hurt her.

Ahana and Angre return back to home when she gives gifts to the family members. The family is happy when Angre shows a gift for Ridhima.

Ahana thinks to now trouble Ridhima just like how she troubled her life by getting her married to Angre.

Vansh and Ridhima have a time together when Ridhima gifts his portrait to Vansh.

Vansh gifts roses to Ridhima which has a gun. Vansh reminds Ridhima about the warning he gave to her on their wedding night.

Ridhima recalls Vansh telling her to shoot herself dead before betraying him.

Ridhima gets scared to the core as she thinks Sejal revealed her truth to Vansh.

Ridhima is nervous, broken in tears and unable to understand the situation.

Ridhima feels helpless as she can't find any way to escape from Vansh's doubt while here Anupriya and Chanchal are worried as if Sejal will expose them.

Kabir reaches his home when he gets shocked seeing Mishra and Sejal.

Kabir and Ridhima's new plan

Kabir calls Ridhima to alert her about Vansh's double game but Ridhima didn't pick up the call.

Ridhima decides to reveal everything to Vansh but before she could reveal, Vansh gets Sejal's call.

Ridhima is shocked knowing Sejal is Vansh's office boy and he never met Sejal.

Kabir sends Sejal's pic to Ridhima when Ridhima finally takes a sigh of relief.

Later Chanchal, Anupriya and Aryan relax while here Kabir informs Ridhima about the truth and compels her to never reveal the truth to Vansh.

Someone hears Ridhima and Ridhima's phone falls. Ridhima thinks to leave it before she gets caught.


Amid Navratri pooja, Vansh taunts Ridhima.

Later Vansh confronts the entire family to expose the real enemy.

Anupriya takes Ridhima's name while shocking everyone Vansh exposes Anupriya.

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