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Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 16th October 2020 written update Virat's Sayi kidnapped (Tv Serial)

Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 16th October 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Virat awards Sayi with a trophy when the Principle asks Virat to say some words for Sayi.

Samrat and Pakhi here get engaged as they exchange the rings.

Virat first praises Sayi but then he indirectly calls Sayi proud and arrogant after she topped the state while he keeps praising himself when he topped the UPSC exam.

Sayi gets pissed off at Virat for appreciating himself instead of her while Virat smirks at her. They have a comic eye-lock moment when Virat keeps teasing Sayi.

Here Virat’s parents and Aayi talk about Virat’s marriage.

Sayi is angry at Virat while her friend makes her understand.

Jagtap and his men are following Siya but before they could approach Sayi, Virat comes with his jeep.

Sayi refuses to come with Virat and fights with him when Jagtap gets angry.

Sayi finally sits with Virat when Virat drops Sayi to her house while Jagtap gets totally pissed off.

Later in the night, Sayi is talking to her Aaba’s photograph and is complaining about Virat calling him Sadu and Gabbar.

Suddenly she gets an unknown call that informs her about Aaba’s accident and tells her to come near the railway station.

Sayi breaks down in tears and recklessly runs to see her Aaba.

The man informs Jagtap when Jagtap and his men attack Sayi and her Mousi.

Mousi and Sayi bravely fight back the evil goons and Jagtap but shockingly they end up getting trapped.

Evil Jagtap kidnaps Sayi while Mousi falls unconscious.

Jagtap and Sayi have a major showdown in Jagtap’s house when Sayi is shocked knowing Jagtap played all the game.

Kamal contacts Sayi but Sayi’s phone is left at the home, Kamal gets worried when he fails to contact Mousi.

Here Jagtap and Sayi have a ferocious fight. Vittal announces Jagtap and Sayi’s wedding.

Sayi is shattered and grabs Jagtap from the collar giving him the warning.

Jagtap to marry Sayi

Jagtap is laughing and making fun of Sayi when he drags Sayi to the room and locks her.

Sayi cries bitterly and sees Lord Ganesha when she prays before him to help her.

The family here welcomes Virat. They have a happy time together when they are heading to Pakhi’s house for the Haldi and Mehendi ceremony.

Kamal gets shocked to the hell when Usha reveals how Sayi is kidnapped.

Kamal breaks down and swears to not spare Jagtap while here Virat and the family reaches Virat’s house.


Virat and Pakhi are shocked by seeing each other.

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