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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th October 2020 written update Ridhima starts new life with Vansh (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th October 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Anupriya's emotional drama to manipulate Vansh against Ridhima.

Vansh stops Anupriya from hurting herself and gets injured.

Vansh and Ridhima have a serious face-off in the bedroom.

Ridhima insists Vansh to sit so that she can dress his wound.

Chanchal is relieved that they didn't get caught but Aryan is tensed.

Aryan is surprised at how Ridhima who just came in their family has fetched the dark secrets of Anupriya and they failed.

Aryan realizes how smart and clever Ridhima is while he compels his mother to be aware of Ridhima or she will catch them.

Ridhima dressed Vansh's wound...Ye Pyaar plays while they share an emotional look.

Vansh shoves away Ridhima's hand saying 'Apne Aapno ko Jakhm Ni Dete'...

Vansh questions if she trusts him then why she keeps digging in Ragini's truth when he already confessed his innocence.

Vansh reminds Ridhima that he is experienced enough to sense the secrets and the mysteries she is hiding from him.

Vansh questions the broken trust, the hesitation in their marital relationship.

Vansh reminds Ridhima that when she will accept this relationship with heart then all the problems will end between them.

Ridhima gets teary eyes and stops Vansh to explain herself but Vansh leaves in anger.

Ridhima breaks down thinking why every time whenever she makes her place in Vansh's heart, then the problems enter between them.

Vansh talks to Siya and tells everything about how much he is shocked to know Maa's truth.

Siya tells about how she heard Ridhima and Anupriya talking about the painting truth and how she heard Ridhima talking about Ragini.

Vansh and Siya are disturbed realizing Anupriya's truth where they doubt Ridhima.

Yet, Siya makes Vansh realize that Ridhima really loves him and cares for him.

Ridhima refuses to help Kabir anymore

Siya confesses to Vansh that might be Ridhima is digging Ragini's truth because she is insecure.

Vansh refuses to agree with Siya while here Ridhima sees her red bangles and thinks red colour is the colour of love for her.

Ridhiam decides to start a new life with Vansh.

Dadi comes and makes Ridhima realize that she has to stand strong and be with Vansh.

Ridhima gets emotional and prays to Goddess Durga while she gets her blessings.

Ridhima gets Sejal aka Kabir's call when Kabir asks Ridhima to help him dig evidence against Vansh.

Shockingly, Ridhima refuses to help Kabir anymore as she believes Vansh is innocent.

Kabir gets angry and calls Vansh devil when Ridhima refuses to hear anything against Vansh.

Ridhima shows her full trust in Vansh which shocks Kabir.


Ridhima sees a video in which someone is killing Ragini while Ridhima wonders.

Vansh wakes up and gets shocked.

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