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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 6th April 2021 written update (Written Update)

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 6th April 2021 written update

The current episode starts with the family wondering Sayi’s whereabouts.

Here Sayi and Devyani reach at the wedding venue when Pulkit gets overwhelmed seeing Devyani.

Pulkit and Madhuri take Sayi and Devyani inside the venue when Devyani gets emotional.

Virat calls Sayi but Sayi doesn’t pick the call but instead sends Devyani to get ready as bride.

Finally, the truth gets revealed when Sailesh and Vaishali reveal that they saw Devyani and Sayi leaving in the cab.

Virat and the family get shocked while here Pulkit takes Devyani to get ready as a bride.

The huge shocker to Chavan Family

The family gets into a major argument when Ashwini defends Sayi while Pakhi says that she must have taken Devyani to Pulkit.

Bhavani gets afraid as if Sayi will get Devyani and Pulkit married then their family’s dignity will be ruined.

Mohit defends Sayi saying might be Pulkit is not married and Sangeeta is trying to trap him.

Pakhi recalls Virat telling Sayi about the investigation.

Pakhi compels Virat to believe that Sayi is getting Devyani and Pulkit married.

Virat tells the family that if Sayi is doing so then she will be punished drastically.

Virat calls his office and orders them to investigate Pulkit Deshpande’s address.


Virat finds Pulkit’s house locked when the neighbour lady tells him about Pulkit and Madhuri left in wedding attires.

Pulkit and Devyani are taking wedding rounds when here Virat informs Pakhi and Bhavani about the same.

Bhavani Omkar and Ninad leave for the venue alongside Virat is also on the way.

Sayi hopes for Pulkit and Devyani to get married.

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