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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1 August 2020 written update Vansh Ridhima's love in air behind hate (Tv Serial)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1 August 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Ishani and Siya tie rakhi to Vansh where they have a happy brother and sister moment.

Ishani is surprised and super happy that Vansh gifted her new car and that of her favorite purple.

Vansh got a car for Ishani even in the lockdown while Siya also gets a beautiful gift from Vansh.

Aryan taunts Ishani and asks Ishani Siya to tie rakhi to him also.

Ridhima is desperately searching for any pen drive or file that has evidence against Vansh.

Vansh gets a call and hears some sound from his room that he gets suspicious.

Ridhima hears Vansh's footsteps and thus hides inside the cupboard only.

Vansh comes to his room and is about to open the cupboard but then Siya calls him saying Dadi called him.

Vansh leaves while Ridhima takes breathe who had yet now stopped breathing.

Ridhima feels suffocated but then recalls Kabir who calms her and compels her to find the solution about how to get out. 

Flashback ends, Ridhima tries to calm herself and then thinks to find some way to open the door as the door is locked.

Ridhima gets her hair pin and unlocks the door while she decides to not search anymore or Vansh will again suspect her.

Ridhima hurries to keep everything back on place that her hand hits the pen drive and the pen drive falls down.

Ridhima picks the lion designed pen drive and before she could understand that it is pen drive, the pen drive falls in dustbin and she rushes out of the room.

Ridhima is upset as she failed to get any evidence against Vansh.

Ridhim recalls her ring moment with Kabir when she is trying to take out Vansh's ring from her finger.

Ridhima thinks how to inform Kabir about her marriage being fixed with a person she hates most and wants to send jail.

Ridhima slips because of high heels and is about hit the pillar but Vansh comes and saves her by putting his hand on the pillar.

Ridhima and Vansh share an eyelock moment where Ishq Mein Marjawan song plays in bg.

Ridhima questions Vansh while says he is bad but she is having all bad habits as she didn’t thank him even after he saved her.

Vansh asks if she was thinking about their wedding and slipped while Ridhima agrees saying there is nothing more important than the wedding for her.

Ridhima says that everything looks like a dream while Vansh says that dreams should be beautiful.

Vansh gifts red roses to Ridhima saying he heard roses have a direct connection with love and he wants to do something romantic for her for his to-be wife.

Vansh reminds Ridhima saying she must be the girl who believes in love and starry nights and roses etc. while Ridhima replies roses never come alone, they have thorns with them.

Vansh and Ridhima's love hate story 

Ridhima comments just like roses, even love comes with a lot of pain while she asks Vansh if can only give pain or can also bear it.

Ridhima grabs the roses and just then Vansh’s finger gets hurt with thorn and he gets pain.

Ridhima says if he hissed with such a little pain while Vansh asks her if she thinks that he doesn’t know the meaning of love.

Ridhima confesses love isn’t just about romantic gestures but it’s a lifetime commitment, a promise, soul and prayer, both life and death while Vansh and Ridhima look at each other.

The romantic eyelock moment is broken Angre's call who tells about Shera is missing.

Vansh leaves in hurry and Ridhima gets suspicious while she thinks about Shera.

Ridhima then recalls picking Shera who at last fell in dustbin.

Ridhima hurries to find it before Angre and Vansh while Ridhima doesn't finds it in dustbin.

Ridhima hurries to search for the garbage.

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