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Pandya Store 9th June 2021 written update Rishita turns positive save Shiva-Raavi's life (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on June 09, 2021

Pandya Store 9th June 2021 written update Rishita save Dev and Shiva shares emotional bond with Raavi

Today’s episode starts with Raavi is surprised when Shiva tells her about he is not selfish and will never go away from her.

Raavi recalls past incidents with Shiva and says sorry to him while Shiva asks him to keep quite.

Shiva lifts Raavi in his arms and tries to come out from the temple but both falls on the floor.

Rishita comes to meet Dev as she realizes that she cannot live without him and she is hocked to see the temple condition.

Dev asks Rishita to get help to save us as they are stuck here and manage to save everyone.

Suman curses Dhara for beating Shiva and Krish and also making them apart.

Rishita belies that family is everything for her and save Dev and Krish.

Suman tells Dhara that she will never trust at her any more and not be together.

Suman orders Dhara to leave

Raavi and Shiva share an emotional moment and Shiva says to her that he will not let her die any soon.

Rishita and Dev tries to find Raavi and Shiva while Shiva sings song to keep Raavi awake.


Suman orders Dhara to leave house while Rishita tries to reach to the temple with Dev.

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